Corradino Campisi


Corradino Campisi – Honorary President and Scientifc Coordinator of the 29th ISL World Congress of Lymphology

Genoa, Italy, 11-15 September 2023


A-University degrees and career positions

18/07/1973, Graduated Course on Medicine and Surgery with honours and award for the best experimental degree thesis, University School of Genoa. MD professional qualification, with enrolment on Genoa and National MedicaL Register (12/03/1974). PHD, Ministerial Doctorate on General Surgery and Microsurgery, University School of Genoa, 1974-1976. Specializations at University School of Genoa: Vasc.Surgery, 14/07/1976, with honours/ General Surgery, 27/06/1981, with honours. Specialitation at Univ.School of Modena: Emergency Surgery, 04/10/1986, with honours. Career at Univ. School of Genoa: Assistant Professor General Surgery, 01/08/1977-31/07/1980; Associate Professor General Surgery, 01/08/1980-31/10/2005; Full Professor General Surgery, 01/11/2005 – 31/10/2018. From 2018 up today, Coordinator of the Scientific Research Section on Clinical Lymphology. Lymphatic Surgery and Microsurgery, Dpt. of Surgical Sciences -DISC,  School of Medical Sciences and Pharmaceutics.

B- Honorary acquisitions, Awards and Scientific Production

“Commendatore dell’Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana”, 02/06/1993. MD Honoris Causa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Valença, 11/09/1996. Professor Honoris Causa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Valença, 30/09/1999. Honorary Member of many National and International Societies or Academies of Angiology, Emergency Surgery, General Surgery, Lymphology, Microsurgery, Phlebology, Plastic Surgery, Vascular Surgery.

Intern. Soc. for Experimental Microsurgery- ISEM Sun Lee Award, 2008. ISEM Honorary President. Honorary Fellow of the Italian Society of Surgery- SIC, 2016.

Author of over 700 scientific articles, the great majority on international Journals, handbooks, and chapters of National and International treatises. Research coordinator of many targeted projects, national (ministerial) and international. Coodinator of various graduated and post-graduated university courses. Editorial Board member of numerous Journals, Assistant-Editor, Co-Editor, or Editor-in-chief. Chairman or Co-Chairman of many national european and world Congresses of Lymphology, Microsurgery, General Surgery and Vascular Surgery. Coordination or Leading Position of various international networks of Lymphology, Lymphatic Surgery and Microsurgery. Drafter of national and international guide-lines on Lymphedema and Lymphatic Disorders.

C- Peculiar offices and recognitions and Overall Surgical Activity

Deviser and Director of the Department Operative Unit of Lymphatic Surgery (from 2002), the first one in Italy, Europe and worldwide. Fellow of the American College of Surgeons ,FACS, Past-President of ACS Italian Chapter. Past-President of Int. Soc. of Lymphology-ISL (1995-1997). Co-Chairman of Past Presidents Advisory  Board. Chairman   of  the   ISL   Italian   and   Latin   Mediterranean Chapters,   Co Editor of Lymphology, ISL Official Journal.

President of the Italian Society of Lymphangiology, from 2002. Past- President of the Italian Society of Microsurgery       (1995-1997), Past-President of the “g.e.I”  European  Soc. of Lymphology-ESL (2001-2003). Past-President of the Ligurian Section of the Italian Society of Clinical and Experimental Phlebology- SIFCS (2001-2008). Past-President of the ISEM (2006-2008). Past-President of the ”Soc.Ligure di Chirurgia” (2015-2016). Past-President of the Eur. Fed.of Microsurgical Soc. (2010-2011). Past- President of the Italian Society of Univ.Surgeons-SlCU (2016-2018). President of Univ.Masters and Post- Graduated Educational & Training Courses-DISC, Univ.School of Genoa.


Over 16.000 surgical operations from 1973 up  today