Bridging the gap! The Congress aims to discuss the fundamental and most up-to-date scientific issues of the branch and its collateral fields


  • Lymphology: Basic Sciences & Applied Technologies
  • Anatomy and Pathology of the Lymphatic Circulation for Clinical Practice
  • Vascular Anomalies & Lymphatic Malformations
  • Pediatric Lymphology
  • Imaging of the Lymphatic System & Role of Lymphoscintigraphy
  • Immunology & Immunotherapy for Lymphatic Disorders
  • Oncolymphology; Research & Technological Development
  • Peripheral Lymphedema and Related Disorders
  • Drug Therapy, Physical Treatments & Adjuvants for Lymphedema
  • Exercise & Lymphedema: Advanced Technologies
  • Thermal Therapy for Lymphedema
  • Operative Procedures for Peripheral Lymphedema
  • Technological Requirements for Lymphatic Surgery
  • Liposuction & Lymphatic Microsurgery
  • Indocyanine Green – ICG Lymphography
  • Tissue Engineering for Lymphatic Revascularization
  • Chyliferous System and Chylous Disorders
  • Nutrition & Drug-Dietetic Protocols in Clinical Lymphology
  • Lymphatic Filariasis and Tropical Lymphedema
  • Lipedema, Lipo-Lymphedema and Phlebo-Lymphedema
  • The New Era of Wellness and the Lymphatic System
  • Experimental Lymphatic Microsurgery: Research & Training
  • Translational Lymphology: From Basic Sciences to Clinical Implications and Therapeutic Procedures
  • The Voice of Patients Affected by Lymphatic Disorders & Quality of Life Issues
  • New Technologies for Diagnosis & Treatments of Lymphatic Disorders
  • Lymphedema Wound Care
  • New Horizons in Lymphology: Robotic Lymphatic Surgery & Microsurgery,
  • Regenerative Lymphatic Surgery
  • Training & Educational Programs in Lymphatic Microsurgery
  • Lymphology for Surgeons

ISL-Consensus Document for Peripheral Lymphedema- Update

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Industry Satellite Symposia & Workshops

Research Agenda in Lymphology and New Proposals

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