The ISL 2023 Congress represents the biennial update of ISL International Society of Lymphology, from basic disciplines to clinical applications. We are expecting attendees’s doctors and surgeons, specialists or trainees, as well as operators of the various related health professions.

The Congress will host innovative and training courses aimed at the “Best Clinical Practice” and scientific info. Specific technological courses in medical, physical and surgical fields for lymphatic diseases of various types will also be organized.
Special attention will be paid to rare diseases on a malformative basis, oncological diseases and lymphatic complications of the treatment of malignant tumors, with the important clinical-therapeutic implications of a preventive type. District lymphatic pathologies (i.e. limbs, abdomen and chest) will be widely debated.

The Congress will offer an overview of the technological innovations connect with the ‘Imaging’ procedures adopted for the diagnosis and medical, physical and surgical treatment of lymphatic diseases and illustrate the progress in instruments for the use of the surgical microscope and microsurgical instruments, including new liposuction techniques for lymphatic pathology.

Special attention will be given to the current “state of the art” of Clinical Lymphology in the world panorama. One of the most relevant results will be the update of the biennial “Consensus Document” of ISL International Society of Lymphology on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Lymphedema, which represents the most epidemiologically, socially and clinically relevant expression in the field of lymphatic diseases, as also underlined by the most recent data of the World Health Organization.

ISL 2023 Congress will apply for UEMS-EACCME accreditation and Italian ECM. Main disciplines involved: Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, General Practitioners, Dieticians, Professional Educators, Hospital Pharmacists, Territorial Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Podiatrists, Technicians of cardiovascular pathophysiology and cardiovascular perfusion, Orthopaedic Technicians, Occupational Therapists.